Sheep Chase

The series Sheep Chase features the sheep head, which is both a piece of art and functional vessel. Following the mesage from Murakami’s novel A Wild Sheep Chase and true to the magical power of the original, each sheep head is designed to enrich experiences and store wishes. For example: the eyes of Salt&Pepper Sheep can be removed and used as salt and pepper shaker and the lid (skullcap) is meant to be a sugar bowl. Sheep head is also a tealight and an extraordinary object for the interieur.

Arrested by the starry eyes of one spezial sheep head at the meat counter i was instantly taken back into Murakami’s novel , whose mysterious sheep augmented powers and fulfilled wishes for the humans with whom it came in contact, I fell under its spell. I knew I had found my new project, or rather, my new project had found me.

In return for the magical and mythical experience, this sheep head has a new life in my work.