RADICAL CRAFT Direktorenhaus

The installation STILL LIFE STORIES is presented at DIREKTORENHAUS in Berlin.

The Direktorenhaus projects alternate between design experiments, new materials, future designs for society and the art of design.

The second, ongoing exhibition “Radical-Craft 2” continues the theme started in 2020. In the first exhibition, it is about conveying the arts and crafts with design positions in order to show how artistic craft and design interact (e.g. with collectible design The following issue of Radical Craft 2 poses the question even more explicitly: Why radical? What should (or can) be radical about handicrafts?

The name “Radical Craft” refers to the design trend Radical Design, which reached its peak in Italy at the end of the 1960s and early 1970s and is considered one of the most important avant-garde movements in design history. With manifestos, unconventional language of form, transdisciplinary working methods and utopian design ideas the representatives of Radical Design protested against functionalism and the established taste in design and architecture, thereby showing that designers and architects not only have to see themselves as service providers in a commercial context, but can also actively and critically deal with social issues.

Participating :

Andrei Loginov, Amber Zuber, Edu Tarin Joseph Pintz, Silke Spitzer, Krediano Objects, Dovile Bernadisiute, Martin Schatz, Lutz Könecke, Ute Beck, Laura Görss, Jürgen Eichler, Papierwerk Glockenbach, Claudia Biene, Timo Hoheaya, Vaust, Irina Razumovsky, Jochen Holz, Elke Sada, Studio Oink, Klemens Grund, Kristina Rothe, Peter Vogel, Maria Volokhova, Johanenlies, Frameworks.