Top Girls

Like with the gathering in Caryl Churchill’s play from which this project takes its name, the women present at this party hail from different times and spaces. They are important characters and immediately recognizable personalities: Josephine, The Infanta, Cinderella, Princesses Louise and Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Hera and Twiggy. Most interesting here is that they are recognizable even without their faces. These figures present strong feminine symbols by not portraying breasts, hands, hair, and faces. TOPGIRLS are not sex symbols to be devoured by the gaze. 

These sensual figures are also vases, and thus flowers, another feminine symbol, can beautifully function as their faces. The setting, a transcendental cocktail party, juxtaposes old and new thus providing these figures a playful setting and enticing the viewer: we want to be invited to the party to spend time with these known and yet enigmatic women. 

This project was developed in collaboration with Michael Karlovski /

Infanta Vase, Top Girls
Twiggy Vase, Top Girls
Josephine Vase, Top Girls
Princesses vase, Tops Girls
Hera Vase, Tops Girls
Twiggy Vase, Top Girls
Cinderella Vase, Top Girls
Josephine Vase, Top Girls
Cinderella Vase, Tops Girls
Princesses Vase, Top Girls